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Allita Parlette

Allita Parlette is an American Association of Drugless Practitioners Board Certified Health Coach, graduated as a Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC and has a private practice called Ellaquent Consulting, LLC.  The name is a play on words, as her mother’s first name was Ella, but not liking her name she went by her middle name Celeste.  Allita loved the name Ella and thought it sounded melodic.   So in naming her company she wanted to pay homage to Ella Celeste, who really sparked Allita’s passionate interest in nutrition as a child.  Since being told most of her life that she speaks very eloquently, Allita decided to marry those two words, Ella & eloquent to come up with Ellaquent.  Since her mother has long since departed this earth, Allita is pretty sure she’s being forgiven for this.

Having found her way to a beautiful metamorphosis after cancer, menopause and alcoholism, Allita is fulfilling her life’s purpose by providing the love and guidance for others to find their own transformation.  As a vivacious thriver, Allita knows that life is far from over after 50.  She started her company to combine holistic nutritional coaching with what she calls wardrobe therapy.   Wardrobe therapy is where we look at old ideas of ourselves, both physically and emotionally, and decide what we can let go of.  Moving into a new, updated understanding and acceptance of who we are today versus who we were at some point in our past, allows us to find new and empowering ways to express that acceptance.  As women, how we dress is one way we express ourselves and Allita encourages her clients to have fun with this form of expression.  She also promotes listening to our own body to learn what is needed nutritionally as well as emotionally, having learned this from her own journey.  Allita is passionate about coaching women on how to find their truest selves, improve their inner balance and reflect that with an outer expression which is confident and self accepting.

Allita worked in healthcare for years before her journey through cancer began in 2010, and she started on a totally new and different path.  She learned to lean into what was happening, calling on her faith to guide her and has done a beautiful job with that.  Allita is an active and dedicated volunteer with Dress For Success Denver, helping outfit women to improve their own lives and she is incredibly humbled by these women and experiences. She also serves as a volunteer in other areas, striving to be of service in people’s lives, and she recently got her CPR certification.

Born and raised in Southern California, Allita moved to Colorado 24 years ago.  Today she lives in Denver and works out of her beautiful home that she shares with two fur kids, her beloved dogs Bella & Milo.  Allita stays fit by biking, walking, running, hiking and sometimes attempting to play golf.  Allita enjoys writing poetry to express her emotions, and she finds her own kind of fun in almost everything she does.  She’s recently started to play more by taking improv workshops and is finding that to be extremely entertaining.

Allita can be reached by email at aparlette@ellaquent.net and you can learn more about her company and services at www.ellaquent.net.  She is also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/allita.parlette. Follow along on her blog journey at www.restartbuttonap.blogspot.com.