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Jody Mello

Jody Mello is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, 500 hr Certified Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher and Certified Reiki Practitioner.   She received her education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Duke Integrative Medicine, Yoga Works as well as studying with other professionals, applying her own methods through self-study, self-education, self-discovery, experimentation and implementation.  Her previous career was spent serving the public school system as a Mathematics and Museum Educator.

As an intuitive healer, coach and teacher, my passion is empowering other women to heal themselves from the inside out by diving deep into their soul and healing the root cause of their health and emotional issues.  I truly believe that we must be willing to do both the inner work and the outer work in order to truly heal and move forward.

In my journey and studies, I found a lot of traditional approaches to health and wellness involved “band-aid” solutions that didn’t ever address the root issues and causes.  I also found a lack of education and truth.  I want to support other women to come to their truth, own their stories and empower them to heal the root cause of their emotional and health issues.  I have a unique, deep, soulful and spiritual way of approaching healing the mind, body and spirit as well as applying practical, simple solutions in the everyday world.  I believe we must be willing to work on a holistic and spiritual level as well as a practical level with both the mind and body, in addition to exploring other areas of our lives, to truly heal and achieve total wellness. When we are able to tap into our truth, to move into love and away from fear, as well as be informed and educated to make conscious, mindful and intelligent choices, we become empowered in all areas of our lives.

After a series of life events left me feeling broken and disempowered, I went on my own healing journey to reclaim my health, my personal power and my life.  My mission is to support other women to also do the same, to feel empowered and to take back their health and their lives.  After healing my own health and emotional issues holistically associated with sexual assault, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, disordered eating, pelvic issues and more, my mission is to support other women to truly heal and love themselves on a deep level.   I work with women who have a past history of sexual trauma that are experiencing health or emotional eating issues that wish to heal holistically on a deep spiritual level working with both the mind and the body.  I combine coaching, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, toxin education, yoga and other body movements as well as art and energy healing to support the healing of the mind, body and spirit.

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