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Katherine McClelland

Katherine is on a mission to educate, empower and model for women 50+ years of age that thier sexiest, most soul-fulfilling and vital years of their lives are actually AHEAD of them. She feels strongly that we need to stop believing the lie telling women that the only thing we have to look forward to is a few painful years of sagging skin, aching knees, mounting medical bills, listlessness and settling for second best jobs, relationships and dreams.

She has developed a unique signature system, drawn from her background in spiritual psychology, visual styling & branding and holistic nutrition, body awareness and movement -that addresses the mind-body-heart and soul to powerfully re-vitalize her clients and give them a gorgeous inner and outer transformation that is visible and sustainable, and creates the prosperous professional, and relationship life of your dreams.

Its the system that produced amazing results for her, including a modeling contract at 54 years of age (!)  and it is highly custom-tailored for each woman’s individual needs. She did it for herself and so wants that for you, too!

Katherine’s journey of stepping into her embodied sacred feminine leadership during these metamorphic times has brought her through a spectrum of experiences, challenges and incredible blessings that she couldn’t have possibly imagined she would navigate in one lifetime.

Her life has been a rare, precious and unusual journey into and out of darkness, she has mined the lessons of healing from childhood trauma, experiences of her childhood in the Middle East, and sexual abuse, to regain her footing as a powerful woman as the avenue to create the life of her dreams. There are two main themes that are clearly present throughout the years of Katherine’s life. The first is her path to come into inner harmony and union with the masculine and feminine inside herself, and the second is the integration of all aspects of herself: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, into one thriving and holistically vibrant being.

As a speaker, she is deeply passionate about sharing the transparent, authentic and vulnerable story of awakening and transformation as a transmission of hope and truth for other women who may be journeying along a path to embrace the power and beauty of a life that honors their feminine essence. Her sincere wish is that she may provide inspiration and encouragement to other women for living in your courageous divine feminine heart.

As a Model & Beauty and Visibility Specialist the main ingredient of Katherine’s unique philosophy and method is embodied soul, and practical tools for self-love; using nutritional guidance, fluid movement and body awareness, her skills and expertise in the area of style and beauty, and a myriad of tools for opening to a balanced internal power, she helps her clients achieve an expanded sense of being grounded and aligned in their body, mind, heart and soul, helping women claim their beauty, sexiness and vitality and create their wildest dreams in their career or personal lives.

Katherine’s personal invitation to women everywhere:

I want you to experience yourself as youthful and sexy by feeling and looking younger
and expanding into pleasure in your body. I want you to see that you are still beautiful by helping you find your own look
and see and express your unique beauty,
enhance your individual style,
and feel yourself looking good. I know from my own experience that loving your body helps with effortless balancing of weight and also brings with it relieving pain, enjoying movement and feeling good in your body again!

I also have learned through my experience that calming your mind, clearing your thinking and sparking your creativity is an avenue to a powerful and stress reduced life. And with all this, loving yourself even more, healing relationship stress, and practicing loving kindness toward yourself and others will lead you into a deeper experience of your life. Feeling and owning your connection with passion life and love, and appreciating and loving your life will make you tingle with love all over and feel on top of the world!

If you to live the life of your dreams, to feel your beauty passion pleasure and sexiness every day, come for info and free gift:

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In addition to her career as a Soulful motivational speaker, and a Model & Beauty and Visibility Specialist, she has worked as a business woman, a Body Awareness and Relationship Coach, Transformational Leadership Facilitator, Spiritual Leader, movement instructor, nutritional advisor, and Mother.

With over 25 years of post college education and experience in the field of personal growth/ spirituality/world religion/meditation/ body awareness and movement, Katherine holds an M.A in Spiritual Psychology, a B.A. in Psychology, is an Ordained Minister with over 7 years of advanced study in World Religion and Interfaith Practices, she holds Certificates from the Hendricks Institute for Body Awareness and Relationship Coaching and Transformational Leadership. She is Certified Teacher of BaSix Body Mechanics and Alignment Practices and has developed her own signature body system called Body of Love and teaches classes regularly in Ojai California where she lives. As a life long learner she has most recently added a yoga training program to increase her understanding enhance her other practices.