Written stories to empower a woman's soul

Lindsay Hinton

Lindsay Hinton is an Intuitive Strategist and Consultant, Author and Speaker, and Spiritual Mentor, and Retreat Facilitator working with powerhouse awakening women and soul-inspired entrepreneurs to bring their fullest vision of life and business into fruition.

She and her business partner, Kate Fehr facilitate a unique and soul-shifting experience for their clients that focuses on bringing their internal and external worlds into full alignment while building out a clear and joyful vision of their lives so that they can maximize their passion, purpose, and prosperity in life.

She is also the Co-Creator of Whole Woman Retreats and Wild Women Workshops, and Soul Inspired Wellness’s forthcoming Wild Community and Whole Mama retreats, all of which are dedicated to restoring people to an authentic, whole, and vibrant life.

Lindsay’s genius lies in the infusion of her soul inspired gifts, and her own practice of what she calls, ‘Radical Self Love’.  She discovered that these two things in partnership transformed everything she did.

Lindsay is a living, breathing embodiment of her Soul Inspired Wellness practices and teachings, taking herself from a debilitating diagnosis of depression, a marriage on the rocks, and living on a modest income as a Social Worker, to a thriving, alive, and powerhouse business owner and single woman, in just two years.

Inspired through vision and her own deeply healing journey, she created Soul Inspired Wellness as a private Intuitive Healing practice back in 2012, but quickly shifted away from her first business model because of her role as a “healer”.  The word itself felt disempowering and out of alignment with what she desired to support her clients with, ultimately.  The clients who arrived in her space wished to be fixed or changed, something Lindsay fundamentally disagrees with.  She believes our capacity for healing and wholeness is remarkable, and that the only one who should be responsible for anyone’s healing is the person themselves.  Lindsay believes her wisdom is to be offered as guidance and her role is to create a powerful and safe container for them to rediscover their genius and joy.

So she leaned in to life a bit more and asked for guidance around how to reconcile this gap between her gifts and the service she wished to provide in the world, and suddenly leaders and innovators from all over started arriving in her space seeking support and guidance.  They knew they had the gifts and the courage, but they kept running into themselves, the same old patterns, the funky energy, or struggle to create from a place of joyful integrity.

It became clear to Lindsay that these were her people, her tribe, and that she was here to help conscious, empowered visionaries bring it all together and clear out the clutter lingering from a lifetime of experiences and relationships while doing so.  It was the perfect environment for her to infuse her deeply developed practices, healer bones, and intuitive gifts with the power and focus her inspiring clients brought to the table, as well.

Every day Lindsay is inspired and deeply grateful to be a piece of bringing more people to space of harmony within themselves so that they can experience the liberated and joyful lives they envision, while facilitating radical transformation for themselves, others, and their businesses.

Native to Oklahoma, she currently lives in Utah (by way of Colorado and Maine)

with her two soulful little men- Cooper and Brayden, and her angel baby rescue lab,

Macy.  Lindsay has dedicated her life to love, liberation, and service and lights up as

she watches this passion and joy spread like wildfire around the globe.