Written stories to empower a woman's soul

Lisa Beane, CHHC, AADP

Lisa Beane is a Published Author, Speaker, Educator, Master Trainer for The JOYFIT Project – JoyFULL Survivorship After Breast Cancer, Workshop Leader, Co-creator and Facilitator for Feminine Rising Retreats. She coaches women who struggle with thyroid, gut imbalance, and candida.

Lisa lives in Ohio, USA and is proud to be a co-author of this anthology, In Pursuit of the Divine – Written Stories to Empower a Woman’s Soul.

I am beyond grateful and thrilled for this amazing opportunity that Krista Gustavson has presented me. I have had a longing to write for some time. Writing for this book has been life altering. I had no idea how impactful and empowering writing in this fashion would be. I was unaware of the emotions that would surface and the healing that it would bring to myself and the planet.

This collaborative and joint effort has allowed women to see that they too, can have a voice. This project is about women empowering women. During a woman’s life, there are many stifled emotions.

I am wife to a wonderful man, Brian who loves me with all of his soul. We will celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary this year. I am mom to a beautiful, kind and adventurous adult daughter, Mallory and handsome, delightful and adventurous adult son, Spencer. I am proud of the family we have become and blessed beyond measure.

As a family, we had our fair share of disappointments and struggles, marriage issues, job losses and mindfully quitting a job due to health issues. We experienced a great deal of pain and suffering through the loss of many immediate family members over the years. The stress of life in general played a significant role on my health. My quality of life and health were deteriorating rapidly. Bottom line, my cells and gut were so unhealthy they were not sustaining my body at 46 years of age.

After leaving my employment of ten years, I found an alternative road to recover my health. During this time of healing, I enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition at the age of 50. If my doctors and specialists were unable to help me, I surely had better find a way to do it myself.

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