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Lucia Gabriela, CHC, AADP

Lucia Gabriela, Empowerment Coach, Love Energy Healer, Ecuadorian Shamanic Retreats Coordinator and Empowerment Marketing Coach for Spiritual Workers and Healers is enthusiastic, passionate and committed to empower, inspire, motivate, transform and heal people’s life so they can rediscover their true potential, welcome and embrace their higher self.

Lucia Gabriela is founder at Beyond Healthy Beyond BeautifulTM LLC, creator of the Liberating Inner Beauty RevolutionTM – an empowerment movement to break free from vicious cycles to rediscover your higher self, organizer of the Goddesses Love CircleTM – an empowerment group for women to awaken and embrace their inner Goddess Sensuality and Orgasmic Love, founder and blogger at www.RaisingMyHealthyEater.com – a holistic wellness community blog covering topics of beauty, health, fitness, nutrition, spiritualism, personal growth, gluten free and Healthy Healing MealsTM recipes with a Latin Touch, coordinator of the amazing, empowering and transformational Shamanic Adventure Retreats in Ecuador.

Who I am as a holistic health and wellness professional, my qualifications include:

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition (INN). Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • The State Universe of New York – Purchase College.  Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • American Association of Drugless Practitioner – Board Certified Health Coach
  • Florida College of Natural Health – Massage Therapy
  • Reiki Practitioner Level 1 & 2
  • Integrative Energy Therapy – Basic  and Intermediate Level
  • Licensed Minister
  • Intuitive Tarot, Oracle Reading & Channeler. 

Life Gifts, Qualifications and Values

  • Mother of 5 years old – an old soul who teaches me who I am in life and grounds me to my true core.
  • Time management – as a mother, student and entrepreneur, I know how hard it is to balance school, work, kids, social life and your inner needs. I am aware of all the sacrifices we have to do in every area of our life to keep our mind, body, heart and soul in alignment so we can take care of ourselves and kids without the stressors created when we give up and forget about ourselves. Not an easy task, but it is doable – I am still working on it and I will always be growing, learning and moving forward!
  • Entrepreneur since childhood – I used to grill plantains on my house’s front yard and sell it to the public to make money and plan little parties with my friends.  I was blessed to have abundance in food, education and travel experiences so this early entrepreneurship help me to build rapport with customers and ideas in how to make money even though my parents had business of their own.
  • Integrative Perspective – which help me to dig deeper for the true answers, understand without judgment and look for a different point of view at life and its obstacles.
  • Empowering, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker – no matter where you find me you will get a piece of love and wisdom to uplift you from hard times.
  • Life Therapist – no fancy college title degree here but the experiences, wisdom and insights I have gain in my life allow me to understand people’s actions, thoughts, emotions and reactions.
  • Born Writer and Poet – love to write and share stories, inspiration and love with the world, of course I get help with editing because grammar is not my greatest strength. Let me create and let the universe find the right grammar in your heart.
  • Gluten Free Chef and Latin Cuisine – I have being cooking fresh whole food and healthy meals since I was 12 years old. Even though I had servants back home, I used to love to cook with my mom Lucia, aunt Juanita  and my uncle Julio. Also, my mom took me to so many nuns’ workshops – I was picked to be a nun but I turned it down, imagine me a revolutionary in a convent!
  • Party planner – once the date is on the calendar the party gets done. I love organizing events and programs, just give me a week after I am done so I can recharge.
  • Extrovert – I love to be social and get to know people who are part of my environment, life and dreams.
  • Happy Camper – I smile at everything in life. I am appreciative and am grateful for what I have and don’t have, for what I am and I am not. I am happy to be where I am because that gives me the blessing to meet you.
  • Though cookie -  even at the hardest toughest moments in my life I manage to step up to the game and move on – yes I do get affected by the blue moon and get depressed a few times a year when I feel overwhelmed but I get over it in less than 24 hours. What’s my secret to move on very fast? I spend time by/with myself. I let it all out, I scream, I punch bags (not people), I stand up side down, I eat chocolate and I just simple cry it all out. This allows me to start a new day with a fresh start and with nothing holding me back.

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