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Maggie Chula

Maggie Chula, Spiritual Healer and Direct Channel for the Archangels and Ascended Masters shares her message of healing through the use of Sacred Wisdom. She shares the process she went through that proved to her the importance of healing as a daily lifestyle choice.

Maggie’s passion is to help people connect to the Light of their Soul and learn how to access their Sacred Wisdom to transform their health, their life and their world.

As long as I can remember I have been in contact with my Council of Light. Many of the Archangels and Ascended Masters are a part of this group. They channel wisdom and guidance through me. This wisdom has been responsible for my learning how to heal my body, emotions, mind and spirit.

I have used my Soul Connections to create and teach a leadership development and training program on spiritual healing. This program is called Open the Doorway to Your Soul: the Akashic Vibration Process.  It is a certification course designed to help you learn how to be in conscious communication with your own Soul Connection and Council of Light.

I started to develop a course on how to dialogue with your Angelic Council of Light, to help you learn how you can ask and receive information. Along the way I learned the real key is to learn how to interpret the information you receive. Learning the language of your soul will allow you to use the wisdom and knowledge you receive for the purpose of healing your life and becoming more conscious of your connection with your higher wisdom or soul.

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To download Maggie’s free workbook Get Grounded: 5 ways to Manifest your Dreams and Purpose Now! along with the companion 9 min guided visualization Connecting to Your Soul’s Light please go to www.MaggieChula.com.