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Rony Reingold, HLC, CPCC

Rony Reingold, HLC, CPCC, is the CEO of Embodied Truth Coaching.  As a Certified Holistic and Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author and Inspirational Change Agent, Rony works with people who are ready to claim their lives to create more freedom, power, purpose and authentic joy for themselves on a daily basis.  Rony has guided countless clients around the globe towards inner and outer success by helping them clarify, claim and create their soul’s personalized dream life in a realistic, authentic and totally play-full-out, unabashedly-me and loving it kind of a way.

After undergoing a profound physical healing process and spiritual transformation, Rony specializes in working with individuals and groups who are awakening to something more and are ready to step into their deepest fulfillment and potential.  She empowers her clients to identify their unique truth blueprint and to re-align every aspect of their lives with it, leading them to a life of deep meaning, freedom, love and joy!

Rony’s coaching style is highly intuitive, motivational and creative.  She is a free spirit, a believer in taking joyous risks and “doing it anyways!”.  She believes that if we each took responsibility to embody our truths then the positive impact on our world would be tremendous.  Rony is recognized as having a gift for hearing what is “underneath” the surface, celebrating people’s innate gifts and mobilizing them towards empowered action.  She lovingly and enthusiastically calls on her clients to grow new muscles for themselves, always seeing them as naturally capable, creative and whole in every moment.

Rony is the creator of the revolutionary, internationally acclaimed 7-week Transformational Program ALIGNED and the life-changing Reignite Your Radiance retreats.  She is the author of two forthcoming books and co-authored the successful best seller “In Pursuit of the Divine: Stories to Empower a Woman’s Soul”.  In addition to her powerful, heart-felt and highly individualized 1-On-1 Embodied Truth Coaching Program, Rony leads “Authentic Painting” and “Sing Your Truth” workshops, guiding people to unleash their truth and joyously express their innate inner light wisdom.  Rony is a power-house speaker who has motivated audiences of over 350 people with her interactive, inspirational and accessible lecture topics.

Rony is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute (known as the “Harvard” of Coaches Training Institutions) and a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2 from the renowned CHEK Institute in San Diego, California.  She is trained in Yoga of the Voice & Sound Healing, Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MSBR) and is a graduate of numerous acclaimed personal growth curricula including Love Mastery & Calling In The One, Celebrating Men/Satisfying Women, Process Painting and The Art of Coaching.  She is a Blast Off! Coach for The Pinnacle, Allison Maslan’s extraordinary entrepreneurial business success program, a member of The Weston A. Price Foundation for Tradition-Based Healing and Co-Founder of Healing House, a monthly community circle for women working in the Healing Arts.

As a coach and an individual, Rony Reingold thoroughly embodies what it means to live one’s truth.  She practices living as authentically as she can – in all her glory, grace, humility and vulnerability.  By living what she teaches she gives permission for others to live their truth as well.  Rony’s clients experience amplified self-confidence, a deep understanding of themselves, the courage and grace to make empowered decisions, and an overall sense of purpose, joy and freedom as they evolve more deeply into who they’re meant to be.  Many of Rony’s private coaching clients have manifested true soul mate love, meaningful new careers, better homes, greater health and have strengthened connections with family, friends and community.  To learn more about Rony’s transformational products and services as well as to read her inspirational personal story visit www.ronyreingold.com.

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