Written stories to empower a woman's soul

Jodie Rodenbaugh, CPT, CPC, MA Ed

Jodie Rodenbaugh is on a mission to empower people to live the life they’re born to love and lead others to do the same.

With a Master’s in Education she spent 16 years dedicated to teaching children, writing science curriculum, and coaching teachers to be better teachers.

She also holds certifications in both Personal Training-CPT and Life Coaching-CPC and is a Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership.

Her decision to leave education, a Master’s degree, and a comfy full time paying career came two years after suddenly becoming a young, pregnant widow with two other small children.  Her experiences have taught her to never settle and to claim what you’ve been born to claim today because we may not get tomorrow.

She has both the knowledge and the wisdom to change minds and empower parents to live the lives they were born to love so they can teach their children to do the same.  She believes it is our responsibility to respond to more life even after the darkest of days. Whether your challenge is a sexier love life, greater success and abundance, a cleaner, fitter body or a deeper connection to all those around you she has you covered, because it all comes down to the simple laws of nature and the science of the mind that make things happen.

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