Written stories to empower a woman's soul

Rachel Harris ATP® , BSc (Hons)

Rachel Harris, ATP® (Angel Therapy Practitioner®), BSc (Hons), an Intuitive Healer, Certified Medium, Spiritual Coach and Channel, shares her journey of reconnecting to Spirit and her authentic gifts of intuition, clairvoyance and healing. Her soul never gave up even when the rest of her did, and she healed and transformed her life through remembering her connection with the Divine and her mystical gifts.

She guides people to reconnect to their soul and Spirit, and ‘team’ of angels, guides and departed loved ones. She teaches her Bright Shiny Soul program and loves watching students transform their lives and their stories.

She is based in Vancouver, Canada, and offers in-person, Skype, phone and e-mail sessions with people all over the world.

Rachel is dedicated to guiding people to heal themselves and reach their full potential as joyful, loving, peaceful and powerful beings. She passes along healing and loving messages from angels, guides, departed loved ones, Archangels and Ascended Masters. She also has the gift of channeling, which she uses in all her services. In her Bright Shiny Soul program and coaching sessions, she channels healing meditations and intuitive healing directly from Archangels, guides and Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Kuan Yin and Mother Mary.

“There is so much help around us, it amazes me. If we can open our hearts and minds, even to a fragment of these immense possibilities, we can then begin to heal ourselves, and others to the benefit of all. When we reconnect to Spirit, our true selves are revealed and we remember that we are One with the Divine and all of life. ”

She has trained with Doreen Virtue PhD, the renowned author and Angel Therapy teacher, of Angel Therapy.com. Rachel also trained at the North Shore Centre of Spiritual Living (formerly known as the West Coast Institute of Mystic Art) in North Vancouver and Vancouver’s Langara College, qualifying in psychic development, mediumship, Healing Touch (Levels 1 and 2), Reiki and clairvoyance studies.

Rachel has also trained with Gail Larson of Transformational Speaking. It was with her gentle and loving guidance that this story found a voice.

Telephone: + 1 (604) 928 3420

Email: info@rachelintuitivehealer.com

Website: www.rachelintuitivehealer.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rachel.harris.3367

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