Written stories to empower a woman's soul

Sweigh Emily Spilkin, PhD (cand.)

Bottom line:  I am in awe of human transformation. It moves me to see people shift from stuckness to the full expression of who they are. I am inspired by the impulse to evolve—in myself and others—and am first and foremost committed to my own evolution. Life’s challenges have been my greatest teachers and wisdom growers. Not easy, but essential.

Human beauty breaks my heart in the best possible way.

The practicals: I wear many hats—somatic (body-centered) psychotherapist, energy healer, mentor, teacher, PhD candidate (in Somatic Psychology) and soon to be “doctor” of Post Traumatic Growth, qigong teacher, trainer of therapists, ceremonial guide. I have a private practice in Boulder and have been teaching transformational workshops and classes for more than 15 years. I hold the view that my clients are already whole, and I see it as my job to support them in embodying that wholeness.

My soul medicine: I am a soul guide, a midwife to possibility, a light in the darkness, and an underworld guide. I am also a poet, a mystic, a healer, a teacher, and a wild-hearted, initiated woman. And perfectly flawed, of course, as well.Human.

As paradox holder, I value darkness as much as light and know that truth lies only in entering both completely. I have been undone, unraveled, dismembered—and equally filled up with the light of the divine.

I also hold a deep reverence for the underworld—the place of “initiation via great challenge” in our lives. The kind of reverence that comes with having spent years “underground.”

Contact me:

I can be found on the web at www.ThresholdsHealing.comwhere you can sign up for my newsletter or sign up for a discovery session, or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sweighemilyspilkin.