Written stories to empower a woman's soul

Chloë Rain

Chloë Rain is a Human Experience Artist, Deep Space Explorer, Nostalgia Poet, and Navigator of Lost Souls.


Chloë creates visual and literary works of art via divine imagination, igniting powerful healing energies and cleansing emotional responses. Her experience art is set against the backdrop of the mundane day to day human drama.


Chloë’s personal and professional philosophy is to explore deeply, life death and everything in between.  Her art and writing centers around the fundamental question “where is everybody?”. As if we were all floating alone in outer space, where outer space is the metaphor for the emotional vacuum that leaves us feeling empty  and alone.


Have you ever had the experience of standing in Times Square Manhattan wondering “Where is everyone?”

“How come I’m so alone and disconnected? Standing in a crowd of people?”

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with this picture?”


Chloë in painfully focused self observation goes into the gaps of consciousness, explores deeply self judgement, self hatred, and the occasional unexpected moments of surprising self love and bliss.


Living on her edge, contributing to the creative force of the world, hoping to live a life worth fighting for, and to inspire you to go for your dream- the big one. Along the way she touches our hearts through imagery, visual, and literary story telling. Each picture has a true story behind it – a heartbreak, a major turning point, an excruciating decision, a moment of grace, a whisper of inspiration, an answered prayer, a new hope, a dream come true, a message for you.


“I’m saving the only life I can save, my own. It is my wish to inspire you to trust your inner compass, as I have come to trust mine, to guide your actions in order to realize the fulfillment of your own unique destiny. Every person has a life purpose, and a reason for being alive.


Very often, calling it drive and ambition, we become too focused on the tasks in front of us to realize the infinite possibilities that exist for us in each day. We are committed to a certain professional agenda and we tell ourselves that this is all we have energy and time for.


I have found it takes courage to take the creative leap of faith, especially in this day and age when everyone has their perfected systems for creating abundance, creating romance, and creating the life of your dreams, it can be daunting to listen to the soft voice inside you that is telling you to explore something outside the box.  Sometimes we find ourselves struggling because we’ve done everything right and followed all the instructions and still we haven’t connected to that one thing that makes us thrive, our own unique creative genius, and so we fail to stand out in a crowd. When we make art for the sake of making art, we surrender ourselves to the creative energy of the Universe, we immerse ourselves in the abundant infinite flow. Money is energy, and by immersing ourselves in creative flow we are expanding our capacity to receive and increasing the channels of cash flow and opportunities.  You’ve first got to take the leap of faith toward your own creative genius and this is where life (and art) can get messy. You don’t know if you are leaping into the fire or the frying pan, but you can know that if you don’t leap, you’ll feel a little less alive.


When we allow ourselves time to create and be creative, and make art, we make time and energy available to us for our professional pursuits (and everything else!). Why? Because we feel more alive, more vital, more connected to the flow of the Universe, remember Money is Energy, and with this energy we can do amazing things in our lives.”


Join Chloë on her exclusive Creative Vacation Retreats designed to strengthen connection to your creative source and ignite your unique creative energies to tap into the infinite possibilities of your soul’s experience in this life time. Her work with individuals centers around issues concerning love relationships and finances, also doing deep healing work with those battling with depression, loss of self, and paralyzing fear. Ignite new fires within you, tap into your creative energy source and hone your intuitive wisdom, while producing mind blowing new solutions from old pattern and learning to alchemize toxic emotions into precious jewels.


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